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Climate change has characterised the course of history, and especially the life of Planet Earth. However, we are about to experience one of the fastest transformations the world has ever experienced. The ongoing climate crisis affecting our planet has resulted from the increased human activity of the last century. Rising sea levels, increasing temperatures, ice melting, growing oceanic acidification, amongst other issues, are all demonstrations of the scale of climate change.


It is important to not detach the climate question from other political, economic, and especially security issues. Environmental challenges, such as pollution, overpopulation, water scarcity, desertification, natural catastrophes, clearly have a decisive influence on other policies. More importantly, grasping the roots of such change might deepen our knowledge about climate risks, and help to improve emergency responses and crisis mitigation measures. Through our climate-related research, we strive to create a platform from which we can exchange ideas over this fascinating, but also imperative question.


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