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Geopolitics is a key discipline when it comes to analysing current affairs and global events. As its name suggests, it focuses primarily on the relationship between geography and politics, the intersection of which creates a dynamic and analytically revealing field. Varemeng is rooted in an area-based understanding of geopolitical relations. We accordingly divide the world into seven regions: 

  • Americas: North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America. 

  • Europe: Western Europe, Eastern Europe (EU), the Balkans. 

  • Middle East North Africa (MENA): Turkey, Iran, Levant, Gulf countries, Israel, Mashreq, Maghreb. 

  • Africa: Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa. 

  • Eurasia: Eastern Europe (non-EU), Russia, Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan. 

  • South and South East Asia: Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia. 

  • East Asia and Pacific: East Asia, Pacific Islands, Oceania.

We also consider the Arctic and Antarctic regions, but largely in relation to the geopolitical actors involved in them. Our geopolitics research programme aims to provide fresh explanations for geopolitical events and trends, using both a risk-based and strategic approach. This is because any one event, whether it impacts governments, businesses, or individuals, can be seen through a geopolitical lens. At a base level, we aim to become a major reference point for all those interested in geopolitics, through the use of reliable and high-quality analysis.


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