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Assessing HUMINT Effectiveness in Counterterrorism

Axel Javier Galenda - University of Nottingham

15 January 2021



Given the importance which counterterrorism has assumed in the last years it is pivotal to understand what kind of tactical intelligence techniques are more suitable to combat the globalised threat of terrorism. Among the so-called hard-counterterrorism practice, intelligence is still pivotal as a means of combating the international and homegrown terrorism phenomena. Without HUMINT it would be impossible to have a human touch about a specific terrorist organisation, and it would be quite difficult to understand the real reasons behind an individual’s radicalisation. That is why this essay will point out the vital importance of HUMINT to address the roots of terrorism. In this sense, HUMINT is not only a means for hard-counterterrorism, but it also lays the ground to address soft-counterterrorism practices such as Countering Violent Extremism.


HUMINT, OSINT, intelligence, national security, counterterrorism

Assessing HUMINT effectiveness for count
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